Mechanical Engineering


The department is committed to produce globally competent Mechanical Engineering Professionals with strong technical knowledge and incubating Entrepreneurship in the field.


DM1 (Qualified Engineer):

Development of globally competent Mechanical Engineering Professionals by inculcating world class quality technical education with inherent proficiency, creativity, moral ethics and human values.

DM2 (Modern Tools):

Achievement of good employment by providing training in modern technical tools and enhancing the technical knowledge to the students ahead of their classroom learning.

DM3 (Leadership & Ethics):

Practice their profession with good communication, leadership, ethics and social responsibility.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO 1 (Career):

Have a successful career in Mechanical Engineering and allied industries.

PEO 2 (Placement & Higher studies):

Diploma graduates of this programme will enrich their knowledge through higher studies and obtain job opportunities in reputed industries.

PEO 3 (Entrepreneurship):

Encouragement of entrepreneurship in the field of Mechanical Engineering by providing proper guidance and hands-on training with the help of eminent industrialists to address the global challenges.

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